BBWQ Happy Dance for January!

Yep,  it’s official-  the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt block 1 is DONE!

As you can tell, I favor a somewhat controlled scrappy approach to the fabric choices;  I’m loving how this first block came out (insert happy sigh here).

BBWQ - Block 1

BBWQ - Block 1 Detail

I’m going to jump over and post it on the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt site, then I have to get busy on my January-March UFO project.

Of course it’s back to work tomorrow, unless the weather becomes severe and my company cancels.  I’m as bad as the grandkids;  we all get up early in the morning and huddle around the radio like it’s WWII and Radio Free Europe- waiting on news from the front (school and work, that is).    Isn’t it funny that none of us can get out of bed early when we have to, but let there be a possibility of a cancellation and we bound out of bed at 5 AM,  run for the radio and set up camp, lol.

For all you in the midst of winter like us, stay warm and keep an ear open for the radio.  Work cancellation = quilting time… whoot!

4 thoughts on “BBWQ Happy Dance for January!

    • Thanks, Beth- I’m happy that the background fabric is working well with the other fabrics. As you know from my earlier post, I had some misgivings about the white-on-white, but now I’m convinced it was the right choice.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. My work never cancels for weather, but then we all have remote equipment. My kids however do love it. Our school gives us a call if school is cancelled. If the call doesn’t wake up my youngest, I usually role over and sleep in,
    Your block is just lovely, the controlled scrappy look is perfect.

    • Heather, well no luck with today- had to work, darn it. Thanks for the nice comment on my block; 1 down, 24 more to go (NOT including the applique border). Hope I feel this good when I get to about block 20!

      Thanks for stopping by…

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